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We work on extensive, long-term reports. We linger on a topic as long as needed. We are not limited by the specific rhythm of an editorial office – we spend a week, a month or more in a community, till we complete our documentation. Many times we go back to see what happened to the community we follow and how it evolved. In order to afford the privilege of long-term working on our reports, we need your support.

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You’ll receive, once in two weeks, one postcard sent by Cosmin Bumbuț from the places where we travel. The postcards are photos from his visual journal. A postcard size is 10×15 cm; this is printed and signed by Cosmin Bumbuț and sent afterwards by the Romanian Post Office from the region where it was taken (when possible).

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Paypal at bumbutz at bumbutz dot ro
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UNICREDIT ŢIRIAC (Millenium branch) 

After payment, please send an e-mail to bumbutz at bumbutz dot ro providing the following details: subscription type, name, full address (post code included), phone number.

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The money will be used for searching the topics we work on. For one year we worked on an extensive topic about the consequences of the domestic violence in Romania. We couldn’t have achieved this project without the financial support of the Carter Center and the Center for Independent Journalism.

Bank transfer:
UNICREDIT ŢIRIAC (Millenium branch)
Or by Paypal at bumbutz at bumbutz dot ro.

After making the bank transfer, please send an e-mail to elena dot stancu at teleleu dot eu and we’ll keep you updated with the report we’re working on; this way we’ll have the opportunity to thank you for your donation and tell you how we’ll use it.

Buy Bumbata

The photos in the album Bumbatasigned by Cosmin Bumbuț, were taken between 2005 and 2008 in the Aiud Penitentiary and they depict details of the prisoners’ everyday life. Cosmin Bumbuţ photographed them in their cells, in the library, in the fitness centre, at the tapestry work club or during their working hours, writing poems or showing their tattoos, in the private room, next to their wives, at the Parole commission or in the last moments before their release from prison. Bumbata won in 2013 the award for object book at the National Design Contest and the award for The Most Beautiful Illustrated Book at the Ready to Print Gala in 2014.

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